Wednesday, August 03, 2005

tsul trim 2

Let me inroduce u tsul trim 2!!From now u can see my personal paintings there!Here in tsul trim will be just children paintings :)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

painter:Razaieh Posted by Picasa
description:the girl on the right side is standing on the sea coast.the girl on the left side is jumping rope in the yard...that blue square is the yard

. . . the perspective of the yard is different from that of the reminded me the ancient iran-miniatures

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

title:_ Posted by Picasa
description:she ,on the right side,is falling down from a very high place

painter:Marzane Posted by Picasa

description:u can see on the top of the paper,one tree,three adults,and a child(the child is drawn very small on the left,up side) she said,the child is herself with broken hand...these people ,from right to left,each one is beating the person on his right side ,and the third adult is beating the child ..and on left,below side,is a rooster,which is eating a flower! i hve seen,children under 7 are much more relax to paint whatever they really feel.their subjects and stories of their paintings are based on real events of their own lifes.
on the other hand,elder ones most of the times filterize their subjects,because they dont feel safe to share their misfortunes with others,... when i talk to them i can receive they,recently got aware of differences between their families and their friends' families in money, etc.,are somehow embarrassed for their they hide the realities of their lifes through filtering .they not only filterize their subjects,but also use eraser too much.they always think their paintings are very ugly.but i v never seen till now a child under 7, using an eraser. . .

title:the greatest desire Posted by Picasa
painter:Fateme Taghavi
description:her greatest dream is to fly

title:the greatest desire Posted by Picasa
description:the girl is letting her Kuran fly in the sky, among butterflies

Monday, July 11, 2005

painter:Fatemeh Posted by Picasa

description:a girl on the left side ,having been beated by her parents,is going to play with her friend,on the right side. . .on the roof of the house is a boy that has flew up in the sky to this extend that now he is playing with the sun

Sunday, July 10, 2005

title:Portrait of my co-workerPosted by Picasa
painter:Mohamad Daghagh

...his target was to draw a portriat which looks like the model.she,the model, is wearing scarf and gown . . .
finished the painting, Mohamad was sad .in his opinion he wasnt successful in reaching his aim. . .

title:a person who is going to Paradise,because of his good doing on the earth Posted by Picasa
painter:Mohamad Daghagh

title:a person who is going to Hell,because of his evil deeds Posted by Picasa

. . . these 2 paintings have been drawn by two brothers,they are also twins

Monday, June 20, 2005

"autobiography in five chapters"
1) i walk down the street.
there is adeep hole in the sidewalk
i fall in.
i m lost. . . i m hopeless.
it isn't my fault.
it takes forever to find a way out.

2) i walk down the same street.
there is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
i pretend i don't see it.
i fall in again.
i can't beleive i 'm in the same place.
but it isn't my fault.
it still takes a long time to get out.

3) i walk down the same street.
there is a deep hole in the sidewalk
i see it there.
i still fall in. . . it's a habit.
my eyes are open
i know where i am
it is my fault.
i get out immediately.

4) i walk down the same street.
there is a deep hole in the sidewalk
i walk around it.

5) i walk down another street.


title:painter and her mother Posted by Hello

isn't that amazing?most of the children ,no matter the weather is rainy ,cloudy or shiny or snowy,THEY ALWAYS put the sun in the sky !!! also when i observed them while painting,i realized that 99% of them start drawing and then start coloring their paintings ,from drawing and coloring the sun!...i dont know the reason,but its nice :)

Friday, June 17, 2005

title:war Posted by Hello(iran army),its about the war we had for 8 years with iraq,about 16 years ago)
description:u can see a bomb in even the motorcycle! :) look this with zoom-in!,it has alot of interesting details

title:_ Posted by Hello
description:on the ground,there is a bird,drinking water,there are alot of birds and stars in the sky,the tree at right side is christmas tree!

title:_ Posted by Hello
description:the blue-red square is carpet,
look at the sky !do u see that shiny-yellow circle under the sun?,she explained that as a sun-ring!! which each drop of rain first must go in that sun-ring ,to can come to earth as rain!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

rely on the message of the teacher ,not on his personality

rely on the meaning,not just on the words

rely on the real meaning,not on the provisional one:

rely on the wisdom mind,not on your ordinary,judgmental mind.


Tuesday, June 14, 2005

title;painter's grandfather's house Posted by Hello
painter:Maede Khavardust

Thursday, June 09, 2005


title:paint your family in a place that u think is the most beautiful place in the whole world
painter :Abas Javadi


painter:Hasan Jozy
_description:the sky is full of birds. the person in the painting with red trousers (Mehrdad)is painter's friend.


painter:Farshad Naghdi

It seems that those of them who go to elementary school,enjoy writing the name of each thing next to it.


painter:Farshad Naghdi
_discription:at the top,left side is an IRKSOME TANK which is attacking a little turtle(on the top ,right side) ....under the tank and the turtle is THE HOUSE,but in the house,there is a garbage can(at the bottom of the page,right side,painted by red pencil) inwhich liveS a snake (the thick black line in the garbage can)

...most of the children are terrified of the garbage can of their houses,becauase it is too dark,in a way that chidren assume a very dangerous creature to live in it....


painter:Heydar Feyli
_description:that brown rectangle is sewage,that unfortunately has a linkage to the sea....the vertical,blue line is that it has polluted the sea,where fishes do live


Title:spider on the tree
painter:Ahmad Yegane

painter:elham(5 years old)
description:above the lamp,is the stairway with which u can go on the roof,

painter:hossain javadi
description:look at his mountains!!(after he completed the painting,he understood that the mountains have been painted dislocatedly :) )

title:_ Posted by Hello
description:it is a rainy day,time is around the sun set,the lamp in the house is on

These days I am working as a painting teacher(I m 22,iranian ,girl!).these paintings are my students'(I work with SPRC*).their ages are from 5 to 12.although they are from fully different culture,family,...amazingly ,it seems that they feel or see the world just like i do_when i was as old as them or even now_they wish same things or get frightened of same things...

SPRC=society for protecting the rights of the child

the reason of putting the paintings here in this weblog is just to remind u the time that you were a child,to remind u the dreams u used to go thorough...and ask u have u been faithful to them?

thanks for your comments: